Our firm was founded at Yalıkavak (Bodrum / Muğla) by Tahir Yalçınkaya and Başak Yalçınkaya as Yalçınkayalar Architectural Construction and Trade Limited Company.


Şafak Yalçınkaya moved company headquarters to the capital city (Ankara) in order to serve in IT sector and changed its name as Yalçınkaya Computer Electronic and Engineering Trade Limited Company. In the same year CDIS (Chaos Design Interactive Studios) was founded within the structure of the company as design and programming department.


With Şafak Yalçınkaya's decision to make a definite return from abroad, our headquarters moved to Kızılay.


Primarily the HAZIRPC branded products produced by İnselberg Company PRO2000 PROBOOK VİCTOR and many other brands (some of them TSE certified) were maintained as authorized service of Ankara until the end of 2015. Thousands of customers were serviced and brand satisfaction in the region was maximized.


In order to provide financial support to KANGAL, which will be unique with its artificial intelligence in the field of cyber security, R&D activities were rapidly started to prepare three computer games.


An indie game development laboratory, CDIS Lab. was established under Chaos Design Interactive Studios. Work has begun on preparing novels, tv series, movies and animations of the ongoing games Ottoman Empire: Spectacular Millenium, Deathly Storm: The Edge of Life, and Murder Diaries: Ankara.


In order to share our knowledge and experience in the field of cyber security and to be able to serve in this field, our company established NCDTECH - National Cyber ​​Defense Technologies.


After completing our two new games, Hopper Rabbit and Invasion, all of our five games have been made ready for the world market.


Our headquarters moved to Söğütözü.